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Contact us if you’re interested in being a guinea pig—or vote here to help guide our R&D and sourcing departments offer you your favorite styles.

We’re always seeking new ways to make our customers’ lives easier and public spaces more engaging and safe. Keep an eye on this page for updates from our R&D and sourcing labs. Inspired? Reach out to sales for purchase inquiries or marketing with all other questions, comments, or suggestions.

💡 What we’re working on

Smart Cities

Our research and development department is currently developing a SmartCities line of IoT site furnishings that will revolutionize municipal and large site management. Where once large organizations relied on public reporting and work crews, now the street can watch itself for developing issues.

Our LEVAWARE systems watch levels of water, snow, or waste and report if the level rises or sinks below user-set tolerances.

Our AUDIOTRACE systems can be deployed around construction or large event sites to watch for contravention of noise level bylaws, offering data and resources to resolve conflicts.

Contact us to discuss your application.


We’re excited to bring customizable, laser-cut metal benches to our site furnishings product line. These benches can be made into the pattern of your choosing. Create your own unique site aesthetic! Pick a design and color that will enhance your architectural style.

Metal benches are incredibly long-lasting, lowering your maintenance and replacement costs. Additionally, inspired by home-furnishing stores, we’re designing these as flat-pack benches to decrease shipping costs so we can focus on what really matters: the bench quality. They are easy to assemble and bolt down into concrete.

We’re soon launching this line in aluminum. Until then, check out our steel prototypes and vote on your favorite/s—we’re planning to offer both customizable and stock options. Please connect with us if you’re interested in purchasing the steel versions.

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Our rugged flexible bollards are a superior solution for separated bike lanes that allow emergency vehicle access to the curb. Yet some lanes and spaces need full separation. We’re excited to expand into a line of attractive narrow lane planters, which can be customized with decorative laser cut screens. Transform street space into bike lanes, parklets, or patios! A modular system can create as much or little space as is needed.

Bollards and Accessories

Bollards make themselves useful as subtle guide posts as to an area's intent. What if the message that needs to be communicated needs to be more specific? We're looking into the option of creating bollard caps that can be customized with icons to translate such intent. Arrows, stop signs, or other site-specific shapes could be used for greater clarity. Vote anonymously and let us know, or drop us a line.

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